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As I posted on TFW last week...

"I got this today as well. Bad news first: the sleeve notes are rife with mistakes: apparently the Autobots' human friend was named Kevin, and when Prime dies he passes his "energon crystal" to Ultra Magnus. Aaargh!!!

On the plus side, the music has been extensively remastered. I previously owned these tracks on the 2001 Botcon CD "Lighting Their Darkest Hour", and the difference between the two releases is amazing.

The music sounds cleaner and crisper than ever before. I must have listened to this score dozens of times in the past, but with this new master it's like listening to it for the first time.

Not only is the bass punchier and the sound richer, but there is extra clarity - for the first time I can hear some subtle background instruments and melodies that were drowned out on the 3H release. Little flourishes and riffs that are waaay back in the mix can now finally be heard.

Even if you already own this music, I would recommend picking up this release. There are no new tracks here, but the additional mastering brings out a hundred little subtleties and nuances I'd never previously noticed before."

Rest assured that Intrada are a well-respected label. It's basically the soundtrack arm of Sony records. They put out a steady stream of new and classic soundtrack releases on a regular basis.

Beware, though, a lot of their stuff is limited edition. A few years back I missed the window for their release of the WarGames soundtrack, and I eventually had to spend 40 to get it off ebay. Ouch!
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