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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
No, no, seriously, 2 big moulds.

The accessories are slightly different.
The first one shown is the First Edition Minus the chrome and that will be the standard Leader class.

I don't see a difference between the two just different poses. Could you point me to the other one you're talking about because I haven't seen it and I'm not sure if I should pop on the First Edition or not.

EDIT: Found it. I'm 100% positive that it's the same figure, just that the First Edition get's special accessories. So the Yellow glowing Shield is FE exclusive along with chrome. I'd bet myG1 Prime on it!

EDIT 2: Yeah It's the same figure but with special accessories. Pretty sure on this. Alt mode has same details and figure is identical except the accessories. First Edition is a preview figure to be released with generations and to hype Age of Extinction. It is a premium figure with custom accessories and chrome paint with collector's packaging. The normal Leader class is the one without the chrome and the smaller red shield and it will come out in May.

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