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This is out now, though I'd forgotten about it until some Nick Roche art popped up on Kris Carter's Facebook feed.

As the cover suggests, it's actually a My Two Death's Heads comic rather than just the II version, and despite being well into this crossover it works perfectly fine as a standalone, other than the opening and closing it's basically a great big huge fun fight. And yes, the Tuck who caused such stirrings in Skyquake's heart is featured as well.

It is however kind of worrying that this mainstream(ish) Marvel comic managed to contain a reference making it firmly a part of the TFUK continuity in an entirely unobtrusive way that won't alienate new readers but ReGeneration One couldn't.

SPOILER! (select to read)
The issue is actually really a My Three Death's Heads, explaining what the hell was going on in DH3 and a massive fight between all versions of the character, tying directly into DHII's origin in six years. Bonkers stuff, but daftly entertaining none the less.

Art is, as you'd expect, really good.
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