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There's a spoiler free (as the hosts hadn't had time to read it yet) interview with Roche in this here podcast that has some interesting things in it:

Stuff wot I learnt:

Roche was originally down for the Super Soldiers issue, and had to persuade the editor Death's Head was the sort of thing he could do (complete with slight sense of panic at having been given a job by Marvel and then going "No, what I'd actually like to do is...").

The feeling he might not be right for the book had nothing to do with being unaware of his prior robot credentials, but from wanting a grungy, dirty 90's style that the editor wasn't sure was his forte until a couple of audition sketches had been done.

The script was written in the old Marvel US style of synopsis then art then dialogue (as was Infestation, considering Lanning's involvement if Heart of Darkness was done the same way that explains a lot), meaning Roche got to contribute various moments and lines as he went along, including an Overkill mention and the Transformers nod.

Everytime they were in the same panel Roche did the best he could to make Death's Head I do something that made him look better than II.

The classic look for both versions was kept as Roche felt it was important for a one off return to not muck about with them, but if there were anymore he'd love to have a fiddle to come up with his own take on the character.

Apparently though, the sales for the series to date haven't been brilliant, so the odds on anymore for any of the British heroes isn't fantastic. Mind, I think Roche is being pessimistic on Marvel only paying attention to the Diamond figures, even if they're not published the digital and international sales are still going something Marvel are going to be aware of, and not ignore if they're making them good money.

I suppose it basically comes down to how much of an audience there really is for these characters in the UK (where the bulk of non-Diamond sales are going to be), is it just a very small but very loud group of die hard fans? These characters seem to be just popular enough for someone to have the idea of bringing one or more of them back every so often but never popular enough for it too last.

Mind, Death's Head is easily only second to Captain Britain himself in the recognisability stakes out of those featured, so if anyone stands a chance of breaking out it might be him.

If he could though, Roche would love to do a DH series treating him as the anti-Doctor Who, traveling through time to hunt down and kill people for money with a plucky young innocent sidekick who starts off thinking it's a great adventure before coming round to his way of thinking.
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