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TBH, I'm not expecting much to come out of this. I'm just pleased to see these characters revisited. Its been twenty two years since Marvel UK launched Overkill and nearly twenty since the plug was pulled and no one's shown much interest in reviving these characters, save for the odd cameo role here and there.

Death's Head is probably the only one that most folk have heard of, even if its only because of Kieron Gillen's recent championing of the character.

I think these comics have probably reached a very small but loyal readership - and most of those in the UK. Without any support from the US, I think this might realistically be a final throw of the dice for this lot.

It'd be nice to have Marvel do the odd limited series or one-shot now and then. In some ways, its a bit of a shame Marvel Comics Presents isn't still on the go as that would be an ideal vehicle for minority characters like these.
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