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If, like me, you feel obliged to enjoy Radiohead because people with flat caps and pointy beards say so, but don't have time for all that arch 'exploring the outer reaches of the sonisphere', then this is the one Radiohead album to go for.
Yeah, some bloody good songs on that... High and Dry / Street Spirit made a number of compilations IIRC, and Fake Plastic Trees is lovely. Probably been about ten years since I listened to it as an album, and it's hanging together better than I remember.

edit: Although it does feel a bit Madchester...

I 'discovered' this album around 1998, when Virgin were clearing out all the cassette albums they had in their warehouse for a 1 a throw,
Remind me, when did Virgin/Ourprice close out? Found some fun random stuff in those sales... including this single -- -- and oh-em-gee there's more stuff on YouTube/MySpace now... time to go a-stream-ripping...
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