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I had no idea Sunscreem had a second album; I loved their first album, I'll have to check this one out, cheers for the tip!

IIRC they were from my own neck of the woods (darkest Essex) and were quite pally with Braintree's finest export the Prodigy.

I used to love Shed 7 when I was in my teens; I think their third album Let It Ride was their best. Their cover of Sir Cliff's "Wired for Sound" (on the bonus disc of Going for Gold) is brilliant.

I've got a few albums on preorder at the moment, and as it's three of my favourite artists, March can't come soon enough. New albums by Asia, Magnum and Mike Oldfield don't come long that often; all three within a month will be heaven!

On the subject of Radiohead, I find their latter efforts a bit too opaque for my tastes. I remember when I was at uni, Kid A and Green Day's Nimrod were released quite close to each other (maybe even the same day?) They were two of my fave bands at the time (I still adore OK Computer), and I remember excitedly getting them both from Our Price in Norwich and absolutely detesting them. How disappointing.
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