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If he could though, Roche would love to do a DH series treating him as the anti-Doctor Who, traveling through time to hunt down and kill people for money with a plucky young innocent sidekick who starts off thinking it's a great adventure before coming round to his way of thinking.
I love the sound of that. I was always tickled by Furman's comment in one of the DH TPBs about how DH was a kind of embodiment of the worst excesses of Thatcherism. While I don't think he quite put that across at the time (and lets face it, the 80s was hardly a time when people were shy about their hatred of Thatcher) it would be fun to do something with that satirical angle now, especially with the Tories back in and everyone fuming again.

Mind you, that's hardly likely to be something the Disney corporation would be particularly interested in pursuing!

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