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I'm puzzled by Furman's comments that Death's Head's programming directives were a dig at Thatcherism (1. Always honour a contract, but never trust a client. 2. Make No Concessions for age, size or gender. 3. Never kill for free, but it pays to advertise - probably got them in the wrong order...) - they seemed more of a comment on Capitalism ... as well as a (possible) cheeky pinch from Robocop.

It's interesting comparing the Afterword in the 'Life And Times Of Death's Head' , to the introductions in the two Pannini trades for their different takes on how the character came the same man. Is he Marvel UK's very own Jeffrey Archer..?

Roche's idea probably lends itself better to Death's Head II - he has already got the 'plucky assistant' in the shape of Tuck, after all - rather than Death's Head, whose time travel was always accidental , rather than a deliberate choice (save for when he was on retainer for the Time Variance Authority). But that's juyst me being a stick a in the mud.

If anything, I'd quite like to see Liam Sharp return to Death's Head. He was taking his version of the character to some interesting places before the axe fell at Marvel UK. Always think it was such a shame his 'Gold' story was never completed.
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