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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I'm puzzled by Furman's comments that Death's Head's programming directives were a dig at Thatcherism (1. Always honour a contract, but never trust a client. 2. Make No Concessions for age, size or gender. 3. Never kill for free, but it pays to advertise - probably got them in the wrong order...) - they seemed more of a comment on Capitalism ... as well as a (possible) cheeky pinch from Robocop.
Thatcherism pretty much is capitalism personified though isn't it? As well as all the other worse stuff.

It's interesting comparing the Afterword in the 'Life And Times Of Death's Head' , to the introductions in the two Pannini trades for their different takes on how the character came the same man. Is he Marvel UK's very own Jeffrey Archer..?
I've not had the Life and Times book for a few years, but I thought the origin in that was pretty much the same (allowing for the vagaries of memory). The Legacy of Unicron Titan book does have a completely different take on the creation of the character though, claiming Death's Head had been created first for his own, delayed, comic and in order to tide things over till that was gotten ready he was put in Transformers.

That's the sort of thing I could see being put in the Marvel UK paperwork at the time as a bit of retroactive cover to make absolutely sure Hasbro wouldn't even have the slightest claim on him (if you were being charitable such ass covering might have been the source of the claim from Marvel themselves when Death's Head 3 was announced that Bryan Hitch was the artist who created the character). Though as Furman was editor on the Titan books even if he didn't write those introductions he could have clarified any confusion a bit better.

Roche's idea probably lends itself better to Death's Head II - he has already got the 'plucky assistant' in the shape of Tuck, after all - rather than Death's Head, whose time travel was always accidental , rather than a deliberate choice (save for when he was on retainer for the Time Variance Authority). But that's juyst me being a stick a in the mud.
I'd assume any follow up would be DHII though, after all, this issue is titled after him despite the first two getting about equal page time and it's one of his writer's who was brought back for it rather than Furman so the assumption (on Marvel, if not the creative team's part) seems to be he's the bankable one.

Tuck doesn't seem really innocent, though I suspect your bias is coming into effect

As for the toy reuse, I'd not thought of that but I suppose it should have been obvious such an obscure character wouldn't be a whole new toy. Still, it works though, and who gives a **** about Colossus?

I assume from it being mentioned in the new TF toys thread this is a Hasbro toy? So it probably won't be so shiny as their usual insane photoshop makes it look in the picture. Hey, how about a little crushed Shockwave head with it?
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