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If anything, I'd quite like to see Liam Sharp return to Death's Head. He was taking his version of the character to some interesting places before the axe fell at Marvel UK. Always think it was such a shame his 'Gold' story was never completed.
You could say it was going to some interesting places

I do really like Liam Sharp's work but I could never enjoy DH2 as much, as cliche as it is to say. The character just didn't seem to have a point any more, and he certainly wasn't Death's Head any more (a point emphasised by having the original DH pop up in his head now and then). It's interesting to see that he's returned to bounty hunting in the new issue, something I don't think he ever did or even referenced after the original limited series.

I liked Nick's reinterpretation of the design, as well, giving it far more character and creating little bits of visual continuity between the two mechanoids.

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