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oh yeah, without a doubt Dan Abnett really had no idea where to take DHII after the limited series and for the first seven issues of his ongoing, its all crossovers to avoid people noticing that this guy has no personality and no point.

What I liked about Liam's DHII Gold was that he gave the character a personality and we got to see how the whole 'cranial psyphon' thing actually worked and what that meant to this new DH. The original DH popping up in his psyche from time to time was always, I felt, a mistake. But then aside from one or two others, we have absolutely no idea about who else was scavenged to make up his personality.

I'm still to get this DH issue (hopefully today), but from what I've seen of Roche's design, its far more in keeping with Sharp's original horned skull in an armoured body than that awful jockstrap and massive horns look he ended up with (largely I feel because of the slightly crude way in which Simon Coleby drew the character - even now, I find Coleby's weird, misproportioned blocky art difficult to not only look at but also in terms of how it tells a story).
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