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Okay, my thought:

LDR Jetfire: Sweet ass Jet mode. I can tolerate the fake cockpit, but he just doesn't seem to be worth the money. Not unless the transformation does something really clever, which I kind of expect.

legends: Meh, Shrapnel is the only one I'm interested in (I like bugs). Gears is Gears and Acid Storm is green Starscream.

DLX Classics: Windblade actually looks good, better than the last manufacture badass, if only by virtue of being a) A fembot (LOLOL please don't judge me) and b) Not looking all Funana-styled. Even jet mode does not look too bad, despite obvious legs. Jhiaxus is.... I just wish they used a new mold. Nightbeat is not bad, but the Bumblebee body is kind of boring. Tankor is much better than my first opinion was, but he still doesn't have the Robocop-Walker legs, so that's a minus. Rattrap looks kind of boring, but not awful. Crosscut, who gives a shit?

VOY Classics: Sky-bite, unlike Tankor, is crappier than my first impression. Most of the Shark's just hanging 'round his body. They could just get it to fold around him or something, it can't be hard. Roadbuster is cool. I can live with the stiff wrist, and I love getting heavies for my collection, but did he really have to be *that* square? I mean, I get that some people like stiff blocks, but maaan...

AOE LDR: Grimlock's cool, but the rex mode is shit. For Optimus the kibble distribution is much better than the first edition, and he have silver stacks (yay!) But I'll stick with my one, for now....

AOE DLX: Most of the cars look decent, but not particularly clever. Except for Crosshairs. They pulled out the coat *much* better than I expected, but wait and see... Slug looks mistransformed (I have the feeling the beast forelimbs fill out his waist) but still looks beast anyways. Scorn got a real BW Megs look going on, and the sail fins are real clever (though I had a similar idea once). Strafe is no worse than Ani Swoop (unless you hate designers taking liberties with beast modes, like they do constantly). Slash...looks awkward.

AOE VOY: Damn, that Grimlock NOW that's the one to look out for. love how his rex torso forms leg armor (instead of just hanging on his back like G1). Prime is cool, but wait and see. Galvatron isn't as bad as everyone's making him out to be (indeed, I might forgive his shellformering if the gun's cool enough). Hound, however is worth it just for the ammunition, and that's not counting the badass truck, or the bandolier arms, or the beard...
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