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I'll bite!

I like Steve Sanders take in S.W.O.R.D. which was very much based on the green body warmer wearing original. Just a shame it was coloured blue. Dale Eaglesham's take in Iron Man might as well be a completely new character. Whether its his unfamiliarity with the character or personal preference, I don't know, but the blank faced grill mouth isn't for me (nor actually is that Iron Man story - writer Kieron Gillen doesn't have the right feel for Iron Man, IMHO, and the cosmic aspects he's applied hint at what he'd rather be doing...).

Yeah, Simon Coleby chalked up a few DHII stories, he did the main work on the lead-in story on Warheads DHII's ongoing (Warheads # 6 & 7) and then took over as 'main' artist on the ongoing DHII with # 7 - doing a further two issues with 9 & 11 before Salvador Larrocca came on board for #12 - 15. Coleby isn't an artist whose style I particularly like. It was far too blocky and used some very odd perspective. Whether this was through trying to mimic the style Mike McMahon had adopted by this time, I don't know, but outside of some splash pages, he never felt suited to comic book storytelling IMHO.

And yeah, Death Metal and Death Wreck. A pitiful attempt by Marvel UK to capitalise on the biggest export. The Death 3 Limited series that introduced these three was pretty poor, and after turning out some stunning covers for Marvel UK, Del Barrass (same guy worked at Sunbow?) turned in some fairly mediocre interior art. This series pit all three 'death' brothers against Charnel in the alternate future glimpsed in the initial DHII Universe. Another of Dan Abnett's 'asleep at the wheel' jobs.

Of the follow on minis, Death Wreck is actually really good fun. Glenn Dakin makes no attempt to take the character seriously (its a drunk in the body of a sort of Frankenstien's monster created by Dr Necker as a prototype for Minion/ DHII). T art is really crisp and colourful too.

Death Metal, on the other hand is a terrible pile of poo. Simon Furman seems to have been given this character to write almost as an apology from Marvel UK and clearly has no interest. The story is about Death Metal just killing stuff relentlessly. A shameful waste of his time and John Royle's superb pencilling.

On topic, read the issue and it was very energetic and did a good job servicing the two versions of DH very well. Again, as in the old days, Death's Head's stronger personality wins out over his successor. Some smart lines of dialogue in there too. And Tuck! Yay! Whatever else was wrong with DHII, Tuck was always ace. Bit of a shame Dr Necker is just reduce to ranting loon. And Nick Roche's art was suitably energetic. Bright and breezy fun, but not as substantial perhaps as the previous Dark Angel and Knights Of Pendragon entries.
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