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@Denyer - Our Price and Andy's Records didn't make it past the 1990s. I seem to recall them fading away around '96. Virgin made it to the early part of the last decade before Virgin sold the shops off and they were picked up by Zavvi whom went under about 18 months after.

@Ryan F - Sunscreem were dropped by Sony shortly after this album was released. It didn't fare well against the onslaught of Britpop. They found a home at Pulse-8 records and released a single 'Catch' and had begun work on a third album 'New Dark Times'. Pulse-8 collapsed before the record was completed and that was pretty much it, save for the usual best of/ remix albums that have continued to pop up (most recently in 2009 with Love U More - The Very Best Of, comprising stuff from their time at Sony).

Sugar 'Copper Blue' (1992)
What Bob Mould did after Husker Du. Critics go for 'File Under Easy Listening' , but I prefer the FM alt-rock of this album. Singles 'A Good Idea' and 'If I Can't Change Your Mind' are still favourites and the album as a whole is a jolly romp and a welcome antidote to the rest of the flannel shirt brigade.

Transvision Vamp 'Pop Art' (1988)
F**k me, Transvision Vamp were incredible. This firecracker of a debut album is fantastic. Helped in no small measure by Wendy James, purring and shouting her way through this album. One of the best voices in rock, such a shame her solo career never took off.

Saint Etienne 'So Tough' (1993)
Saint Etienne can't put a foot wrong for me. A consistently interesting band, this album saw them add some choice samples to their London-centric outlook. There's a nice house-hip/hop undercurrent to the album too.
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