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Default [CUSTOM] 1984 Kreons (& several others)

I made kreons of Sunstreaker, Hound, Brawn and Gears. With the cassette kreons I showed here, I was able to do this:

Here's a closeup of the four autobots (plus Somkescreen), though you can actually see the grey bits behind Sunstreaker's head better in the catalog pic.

Some non-humanoid kreons (with a close-up of Prime's trailer and Roller)

L to R: Sky-Lynx, Trypticon (2 angles), TRUKK IZZ MUNKY!!!!!

Dinobots (inspired by these)

L to R: Slag, Sludge, Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl. Sludge and Grimlock both have bricks on their backs to represent their folded away dino heads. Slag has a horn in his beast nose.

A few other Autobots:

L to R: Pyro, Minerva, Crosscut, Road Rage, 1 Junkion riding another

Some decepticons:

L to R: Shrapnel, Spectro, Viewfinder, Spyglass, Blitzwing

Shattered Glass Star Saber and SquawkBox


L to R: 4 microchanger insecticons (using Kickback and Airachnid's insect legs to make claws), G1 Abominus (w/dragon wings), Autobot leftovers (Nosecone, Groove, Slingshot, and Jazz from my Masquerade combo)

I also made a combiner out of 4 original micro-changers, each using one Kre-o missle launcher. I wanted to make them correspond to actual heavily armed characters, like Targetmasters or Triggercons, but didn't have the right colors. The one with the Soundwave helmet is loosely based on Crankcase. The tank would have been Quake.

Bot modes:

Alt modes:

Combined mode: I prefer the build seen in the last pic, but that one came out blurry, so I'm including some clearer pics of my first attempt so you can see the wrist mounted guns. The backpacks with the weapons just sort of rest on the wrist studs, rather than securely attaching.

These are some others I made out of spare parts. On the left is a blinged out Vehicon, on the right is a heavily armed Sentinel Prime. Do the two in the middle look like anybody?

Finally, I built a G1 inspired Bumblebee out of the movie-inspired Kre-o Bumblebee set. I used some of the leftover parts to make a little sidekick for him. The remaining parts made up Snarl's tail and that weird little bench.


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