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I like your videos. I watched all the TF:TM one nicely. Do I get a prize?

Nice summing up of the comic. I suspect the reason Dragon's Claws (and indeed Night Raven, to say nothing of Ghengis Grimtoad) haven't shown up in this Marvel UK revival is for the very reason you mention : no one remembers them (also : set in the far far future and removed from the 'present day' setting of the likes of Motormouth). The Marvel UK characters that burst out in '92 had a lot of marketing and support behind them - including Marvel US which helped them gain wider exposure.

The original Death's Head II mini-series launched ahead of the main Marvel UK roll-out in America (and the UK) as part of Marvel's 'Big Shots' event (which launched new titles for Nomad, Cage and Terror Inc). The back up pages contain promotional art from Geoff Senior and Liam Sharp advertising the new Marvel UK 'Sub-Verse' giving the low down on Hell's Angel, Motormouth, Warheads and the revamped Knights Of Pendragon.

A lot of people probably do have very er, fond memories of Tuck. She wasn't known for wearing much. Although starting off clothed in a leather leotard, furs and warpaint, by the time we get to Death's Head II's ongoing series, she's practically naked (although not as naked as supporting character Phaedra ends up). Mind you, this was the era of Image comics, so female characters were pretty much drawn as masturbatory aides and Tuck, sadly, falls into this style. Its a shame really, as she's a great character and all most people will remember are her enormous boobs.

Good point about Transformers artists getting stuck in that ghetto. There's only really Bryan Hitch whom has successfully escaped the giant robots gravitational pull. Andrew Wildman had a bloody good go though, working on quite a few lower tier Marvel books. I don't know why that is. Well, actually I do. For one, there is something of a stigma to being seen as tied to a licensed property and for two, a lot of modern Transformers artists - the likes of Don Fig and so on, actually struggle drawing humans. Nick Roche definitely deserves better though. I love his energetic artwork - especially on this DH issue.
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