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The Marvel guys probably made a better fist of moving on (but then, for them Transformers was a stepping stone in paying their dues rather than something they particularly wanted to work on), IIRC I think James Raiz is the only one of the post-Dreamwave artists to make much of an impression on mainstream comics with a bit of Wonder Woman work, though I don't know if his recent return is out of a remaining fondness for the franchise or because the other work has dried up.

Is there anything more hilarious than Don Figueroa stomping off not once, but twice in the middle of an arc he was supposed to be doing in order to pursue "Proper" work only to completely and utterly fail at it whilst also managing to wreck his previously high reputation with the fans he already had?

I mean, fair enough if he thought a clean break might help, but would it really have hurt to get that one extra guaranteed bit of work by just drawing one more Beast Wars issue?

I can see why poor old Dragon got ignored by this series (if nothing else, he pre-dates the general 90's theme, presumably Death's Head only snuck in because of the second version being from that era), but it is a shame the first ever Marvel UK "US" style book is relagated to a one panel cameo.

Unless he's going to turn out to be the secret villain "I'm way better than you Super Soldiers! Who do you think you are, Captain America or something?"

I'm glad Tuck discovered clothes for this comic.
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