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Ah, artistic hubris. Where would we be without it?

I can understand folk getting fed up with their day job, but must have missed Don Fig's hissy fit. Oh well, I hope he's happy.

Yup, DHII is in Revolutionary War as part of the starting line-up of the Marvel UK 'invasion'. I have no idea, why out of all the other Marvel UK characters, Super Soldiers was picked for this jamboree though. Wild Thing, Black Axe or Digitek would have been my preferred choices (or even the rather good Cyberspace 3000).

(Super Soldiers premise, for those not in the know, is that the Super Soldier serum used on Captain Britain was also applied to some British soldiers with, er, violent and similar results to Universal Soldier).

I am also glad Tuck had some clothes on. Much more practical.
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