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The thread... IT LIVES!!!

I have just come into ownership of three blind bagged Kreon Micro Changers from the preview line that only got very spotty distribution. I haven't yet opened the packs, but if my internet code sources are accurate (and they have been to date) I already have these figures. I am looking to sell them or trade them for other Kreons, if anyone is up for that.

I (believe) I have:

1x Scorponok
2x Spinister

I also now have the following on offer:

1x Waspinator *

* Used

Kreons I would be interested in are:

Long Haul
Bumblebee (G1)

Is anybody interested in a trade? I'm open to offers ( ), so why not try me?

I am happy to send the blind bagged figures out either still sealed or with the outer packaging opened to check the contents are who I believe they are.

By the by, Gen Hoist and Skids have been acquired with the great help of the even more great Clay. Thank you once again, kind and noble sir.

Wreck and Rule!

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