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I made a ROTF Devestator out of some kreon combiner torsos, legs, and combiner limbs. There are no kreon wheels, treads or heads, so I couldn't reassemble him into individual constructicons, but I doubt I'll be taking him apart anytime soon.

There's still a few pieces I didn't have in the right color, but they're all in the back.

Blackjack - Here's a photo of Shrapnel from the back, so you can see how I mounted the antennae. You can also see the backs of the dontbots I mentioned earlier.

The grey forks come with any Custom Kreon set to store the extra arms on the rack. The black rods are a single LEGO rod cut in half. The antennae are kreo Megatron's fingers. The kreon body is Divebomb's torso, Sentinel Prime's human's legs, and Skywarp's arms and waist.

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