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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Don't fix what isn't broken... Making it complicated for the sake of calling it Masterpiece got us Megatron.
Fair enough. I expect it'll be retailing for $15 like the toy it's based on, then?


What's that? $45 plus shipping from Japanese stores, $80 from Western importers and $60 if Hasbro bothers to import it? The hell you say!

I don't mean to rain on everyone's parade, but I just can't get excited by the prospect of paying Masterpiece prices for a really good Deluxe and a giant accessory that 90% of the owners are going to toss in a parts bin and ignore after the first few days. Again, don't get me wrong, it's really good for what it is. But aside from the licensed alt-mode it could easily be a Generations toy.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I think that Bumblebee now being a proper VW Beetle is maybe a first. Was he ever depicted as a normal car, or was it always the scrunched up penny-racer version?
I think he was depicted as a realistic Beetle in some of the early IDW issues. That's the only thing that comes to mind, though.
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