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Fair enough. I expect it'll be retailing for $15 like the toy it's based on, then?


What's that? $45 plus shipping from Japanese stores, $80 from Western importers and $60 if Hasbro bothers to import it? The hell you say!

I don't mean to rain on everyone's parade, but I just can't get excited by the prospect of paying Masterpiece prices for a really good Deluxe and a giant accessory that 90% of the owners are going to toss in a parts bin and ignore after the first few days. Again, don't get me wrong, it's really good for what it is. But aside from the licensed alt-mode it could easily be a Generations toy.
Try to see it this way...

Don't compare it to US release prices because they are tailored to be that way from the get go, whereas japanese release prices have a bit more give depending on the character/mould etc.

From the looks of it [can't tell how it handles, though] it looks like it has more parts than dlx classics bumblebee...and that's on his legs only

These guys have got the following going for them

Realistic alt modes [ie fully licensed, ie it costs more]
LOTS of parts and complexity, ie it costs more to manufacture them
Their entire car bodies, so far, are fully painted, with a lot of their robot parts being fully painted as well

---And compared to jpn retail, they are slightly more expensive than a voyager. That's what justifies the prices for me. They start cutting corners on that, I won't be as eager to rationalize why they cost so much
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