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Do they need to have that many parts to make a good figure, though? Enough to justify basically adding a couple additional articulation points what is basically the Deluxe class design, and a couple additional transformation hinges to make the transformation better? Enough to charge three times the price? Like, say, taking MP Sideswipe and Prowl as examples, do the leg transformations have to bee that intricate?

Granted, they do have to cover the costs for the car licenses and you do get the Spike Witwicky, and there has been precedent with the previous smaller Masterpiece cars...

(And certainly far, far cheaper and look far better than third-party Bumblebees that I remember seeing a couple years ago)

And they are supposed to be priced at slightly more expensive than a Voyager, but even then...

Eh, suppose shouldn't let this bother me too much, I'm not going to get him anyway. Just happy for the people who want one because it is a great representation of G1 Bee.
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