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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
Don't compare it to US release prices because they are tailored to be that way from the get go, whereas japanese release prices have a bit more give depending on the character/mould etc.
The designer himself has spoken about how the new MP toys are designed to fit a specific price point and that it has forced his hand with regards to some design choices (like why the Datsuns have fewer accessories than the Lambos did), so I'm not sure that this is relevant to the conversation. Do you really think Spike would be there if they weren't trying to justify selling Bumblebee for the same price as the bigger cars, instead of just selling him for $10 or $15 less on his own merits?

But don't get me wrong. The Takara cars go for, what, $45 at Japanese retail? I don't think that's at all unreasonable for the non-Bumblebee ones, given their size, the added cost of licensing and a higher part count than your average Voyager. I'd happily pay that for Prowl or Sideswipe if I could walk into a store here and do so. The import-shop prices around $80 are insane, but I'm not buying from them so whatever (I wanted to go for G2 Sideswipe but I just can't justify it to myself). Hasbro's price is what really gets me angry -- considering they have economies of scale on their side, and considering they matched or undercut Takara's price on pretty much every other MP to date, charging $15 more for MP Prowl is a bit nuts.

If Hasbro followed Takara's lead and charged a bit more than a Voyager for them, they'd be in "totally worth it, buy them all!" territory for me. As-is the price point makes it hard to say I'd be getting my money's worth, especially if Hasbro cuts back on the paint apps and such like they have on some previous figures.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
LOTS of parts and complexity, ie it costs more to manufacture them
Yes, but this is a bad thing, not a good thing. Grimlock (allegedly...I never found one ) and Soundwave are among the most popular MPs and they are exactly as complex as they need to be and not one jot more. Megatron and Rodimus are what you get when designers act like "parts and complexity" are something to strive for for their own sake, and pretty much everyone agrees that they're a mess.

In Bumblebee's case, from what little we can tell from those prototype pics he's got some good added complexity (a bicep cut for added articulation and ball-jointed ankles) but also some totally unnecessary, showy bits (the doors wrapping around his feet are great in theory but the joints stand out as clear as day in alt-mode and detract from the look, and I dread to think how pointlessly overengineered the backpack/rear end transformation must be to get a wheel on his back). The end result is certainly very nice, but I'm hard pressed to say it's three times as nice as the much cheaper and simpler toy from way back in 2006.

Now, if he was selling on his own for $30 or so? That'd be a different story. But for the price that they're asking, and especially for the price that Hasbro will ask when they import him? M'eh.
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