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Like it a lot. Love that they went for the actual car deco [with red wheels] instead of cartoon generic deco.

Picture isn't really flattering, mostly because it's a white figure with [mostly] white limbs on a white magazine scan. Although the outlines are there, they are hard to see. Unsure if his upper legs look that skinny or it's the contrast with the magazine page.

Happily can't figure out how he transforms. Seems like every inch of his body is used for the outer car shell. Maybe his backpack and arms hinge up [arms look like they turn into the spoiler of the car], his bottom and waist them swing up, swinging the things around, and the legs form them sides and front of the car?

There's even "alitalia" parts on his torso that I can't figure out where they go, but that's because we don't have a full view of the car yet.

Don't know why some people [in other forums] are so upset about the missile launcher not storing in the vehicle mode. Smokescreen and ALL lamborghinis seem to do just fine with their shoulder guns being removable.

Magnus silhouette looks promising, I think I can make out MP10 thighs.
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