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A New Album!!! Woop!

The Pretty Reckless 'Going To Hell' (2014)

TPR's 2010 debut, 'Light Me Up' (highly recommended, by the way) was so good I had overwhelmingly high expectations of this second album. The two lead singles singles 'Heaven Knows' and 'Going To Hell' aren't quite as immediate as 'Make Me Wanna Die' and 'Miss Nothing', but like the rest of the album, reveal themselves to be every bit as equal with repeated listen. The album is every bit as crunchy and punchy as the debut, and whilst not such a strident move away from their LOUD bluesy rock, there's enough light and shade to show that Taylor Momsen is an impressive and vital musician. My top tracks off this album are 'Absolution', 'F**ked Up World' and 'Follow Me Down'. The album artwork is er, interesting. The rest of the band are sidelined in favour of Taylor cavorting wearing nothing but paint. I suppose its fair enough, but does feel a bit label mandated to flog a few more records which seems unnecessary and rather does the music a bit of disservice. Sex sells, I suppose. Maybe Taylor was into this, I don't know...I'm just some silly old fart whom doesn't need some t*tty shots to get me to buy a record by a band I like.
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