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There are some new Bumblebee pics out now, most importantly a comparison shot with Prowl that establishes how big he'll be. He'll probably wind up looking a little funny next to the other cars in VW mode, but I think they got the robot mode scale just about right.

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What, like the skateboard that turns into a gun? Or was that Jazz?
That was indeed Jazz. Wheeljack had a couple of gigantic missile-gun things that were nearly as big as he was.

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I think his idea was that, if they were going to do the light up ears, they were going to do it right. Not light-piped, but electronic lighting. As he said, translucent silver that lights up blue is difficult enough from a production standpoint, plus the electronics wouldn't really have fit without taking out his neck or something.
Ah, okay. I get it now. Yeah, putting in electronics would have been difficult, I can't disagree with that.
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