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To stay for three nights for me this year is just under 160, that's with the special discount for convention attendees.

EDIT: That is of course the convention hotel, if you're coming for more than the event- and it'd be mad to come all that way for three day- finding cheaper hotels to stay in either side wherever you are in the country is easy enough.

For the event itself I'd reccomend at least staying at the NEC complex, Knightdramon has a horror story about his walk through 800 miles of Midlands wilderness to get back to his city centre hotel after missing the last train from Birmingham international.

Plus side, the even is basically right next to Birmingham airport, so if you can get a plane there you basically land on top of it.

Trains vary wildly on how long before you book your tickets, which operator and which routes your going on (actual distance is almost a minor consideration). The British train network is basically useless and a source of deep pain and madness to all who use it.

No idea on cards, but I'd have thought standard things like visa would be international?

Once again this year I'm there from Friday to the Monday morning. Other than that, no firm plans on what to do and when to do it. And annoyingly I seem to have deleted my booking confirmation email, better contact them before August to make sure I definitely did book now, I know how my wacky sitcom life works.

And Hound and Sade's daughter will probably be boozing age before they make it over here

As part of my great Northern Journey, I met old mucker of this site Lord Zarek for a coke this afternoon. And by strange (strange because we live hundreds of miles apart) was at the same, apparently "quaint", Birmingham train station as Knightdramon's sister, only missing her by hours.
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