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I, too, would like to attend an Auto Assembly one year as it seems to be the most efficient way to meet up with other Archivers. I don't think it'll be a financial possibility this year, though. But I do have questions about costs once I get over there, such as:

How much are hotel rooms?
How much does transit on the trains cost?
Will my bank card work, or will I need to exchange monies?

Etc., etc.

Basically, the price of the plane ticket has remained stable around $1000 for the past five years, but I don't know how much I'll need budgeted for once I get over there. Not too fussed about visiting landmarks; it's the people I'd be interested in. dalek, will try my best to answer/provide a guide.

Hotel rooms vary wildly, they can range from like 65 pounds per night or so [maaaaybe cheaper for a single room] to 90-100 pounds for the more posh hotels. 65 pounds is like 108 USD by today's rate.

Transit on the trains, as dalek said, varies WILDLY. AA is held right next to Birmingham International, so -if- you land there and you book at the Hilton [place of the convention] you don't have to use a single train. For adults a train ticket, depending on when booked and the destination [not so much the distance] can cost from 3 pounds to 100 pounds. If you're just hovering around Birmingham you can get a day ticket for like...7? I think.

Bank card...I have no clue. You should probably bring and exchange money. If it helps, some dealers appeared to be accepting paypal last year.

Kind of sucks for pretty much -EVERYBODY- else exchanging their money to UK pounds, right? You give in more dollars/ get less pounds. Whereas...we give less pounds, and get more of everything else

Regardless, it's a longshot and it will probably be worse for you financially, but if you wish to visit AA you can always hover over York afterwards and crash at my place.

And, to go back, as dalek said, yes, the closer to AA the hotel, the better. Have you watched an american werewolf in london? The beginning with the guys lost in the wilderness with NOTHING around them? That was me and my sister, catching the veeeeery last bus something like 40 minutes after going through the wilderness, going all the way around the city, and walking in some dodgy roads to get the hotel.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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