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Taking last year as an example, three people plus someone I used to have fairly well-intentioned arguments with on the IDW forums might be stretching anything but a very literal definition of "other Archivers"... but, er, yeah... a lot more likely to show up to things like this if other people are going, personally. Toys are purely opportunistic purchases at conventions -- no apparent price advantage over online -- and I've mostly got the few autographs I've wanted on things.

With Jim's box art book out soon, hoping he'll be around.
Yeah, but to be honest, there weren't many other "communities" around. Most of the people I met and spoke to were almost "random" guys, no relation to any forum whatsoever.

Plus, each time, you meet more people and more join "the family". Last time through vigorous smoking breaks we gained one extra member in the company

Toys in the UK, even at conventions, are opportunistic for people in the UK alone. In this example, me finding a Generations Whirl for around 29 pounds is more or less a bargain. Clay finding one in the very same environment, but coming from the US market is like the dealer is trying to rob him.

Some of the highlights though are the interactions with whomever is there; it was nice telling Milne I was a huge fan ever since Megatron Origins, Roche offering to sketch me a headshot of any wrecker of my choice, commenting that my name sounds epic, and Roberts more or less acknowledging me as "yeah...the guy that started the roller->tarn thing".

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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