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That's a Thursday, so it must be the 19th. I've grown up with TV programmes being referred to as series, and even then series has (as far as I'm aware) only been majorly referred to when buying videos or DVD's. So for example when the new series of Red Dwarf was starting up again on TV we'd say "Oh, Red Dwarf starts again this Thursday". I don't recall ever saying "The third Series starts this Thursday" or whatnot.

One thing I hate is the term 'Season finale'. Talk about pompous. I would have been appalled if the final episode of Blackadder IV had been referred to at the time as a 'Season finale'. Its a very modern term and it seems to be accepted.

I think the American's call them seasons because the airing of a new series tends to coincide with the seasons of the weather. Like; "Coming this fall season, Lost Housewives of the Dead".

Their TV makes a big distinction between Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter I think, as a way to focus the viewer to key TV events in time. I'm sure the UK will follow suit.

I think Roberts has done this because its a term of popular culture. The demographic reading MTMTE are probably well versed in seasons and DVD/video boxets since Star Trek: The Next Generation and Buffy. And its a good signpost for a fresh start.
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