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One thing I hate is the term 'Season finale'. Talk about pompous. I would have been appalled if the final episode of Blackadder IV had been referred to at the time as a 'Season finale'. Its a very modern term and it seems to be accepted.
That terminology's been pretty common for a long time on this side of the pond -- I remember talking about "season finales" back when I was watching TNG in the 80s.

Has it only just infilitrated the UK market recently?

Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
Although there may be a problem with calling something a season, it suggests something has a set course of so many issues. That's why I didn't like Remain in Lights numbering convention (issue 3 of 5), because the reader knows it's a five-part story and must be resolved in X number of issues. It affects tension and expectations.
I completely agree with this. Though the solicits and advertising usually ruins this anyway, it would be nice to go into a new story without any expectations for how long it's going to run. You're definitely right about it impacting expectations. When you know a story is five issues long from the get-go you go in expecting something pretty wide in scope, and that's a shame. It'd be really nice if a comic would surprise me by jumping into a "big story" without telling me about it head of time.
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