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I almost bartered away a spare Bumblebee, but am glad I didn't. I used him to make a Binaltech inspired yellow Tracks. The rest of the back row is Toxitron, ROTF Rampage and Storm Jet. In the middle row are 3 kreons I built when I realized that I like how white limbs and helmets look on black and purple torsos, and a unicycle bot I built when I realized I was running low on waists.

In the front is Storm Jet's alt mode and Rack. Ruin is still a work in progress. I have a matching pair of legs on my Hound, so I'll probably use those once I get the Custom Kreon Hound. I want to use another Bulkhead for the torso so they match, but he's hard to find. I may end up using a couple human military kreons, but don't have any pairs.

The torsos will fit if I snip off the inner shoulder joints. I just don't want to do that until I'm sure of the final design. I'm also undecided on the helmets. The Megatron helmets I'm using are smooth, like the character design, and somewhat obscure the mouths. Sharkticon helmets have a closer shape, but are more heavily detailed.

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