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For most of its length this was a great read, fun and frothy and like a breath of fresh air from Barber. Sure, the send up of the writing industry is the sort of thing only writers think is interesting, but it had a nice tongue in cheek feel to it. The only thing I'd complain about there is it'd be nice if, rather than making jokes about the overuse of first person narration Barber just didn't overuse first person narration.

The more serious Autobot stuff was nicely done as well, lots of interesting set up with the new cast and poor old Prowl continuing to be completely ignored everytime he makes a sensible suggestion.

The cliffhanger though is one of those things that will completely depend on the resolution, the idea the humans would be so bloody stupid as to trust any Transformers, let alone the Decepticons, in any way shape or form is so idiotic presumably they'll be a subversion fairly quickly. But with the way humans have been handled in IDW before (and in fairness, across most G1 fiction how governments react has never been handled very well) there's always that worrying feeling it might be something to take a complete face value.

Also, Fairborne is pure Brad Mick.

Still, a decent start apart from those worries.

Did anyone else feel this was intended to be released before Windblade? It covers most of the important stuff in the six month gap and actually sets up what "Dawn of the Autobots" is supposed to mean.
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