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Clearer pics:

Originally Posted by praetorian View Post
Can't tell from the legs inside the trailer, but they don't look like the new MP-Optimus mold to me. Nice that the matrix will fit in there, though!
According to some Japanese-speakers who've had a look at the text, it's not the MP Optimus mold after all. Colour me surprised! When news of an MP Magnus broke it was all about how MP-10 had been designed with Magnus in mind and that this was going to be basically a Prime redeco with a new trailer, up to and including pics from the designer of G1 Magnus cut up and glued onto MP-10 to show how it'd work. But somewhere along the lines it looks like they binned that idea entirely and just went with a single robot mode with no intermediate form and redesigned the truck cab from scratch.

That's probably the right call for getting the best super mode out of the thing, though I'm a tad disappointed because I've always liked the idea of Magnus being two cool toys in one.
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