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The cliffhanger though is one of those things that will completely depend on the resolution, the idea the humans would be so bloody stupid as to trust any Transformers, let alone the Decepticons, in any way shape or form is so idiotic presumably they'll be a subversion fairly quickly. But with the way humans have been handled in IDW before (and in fairness, across most G1 fiction how governments react has never been handled very well) there's always that worrying feeling it might be something to take a complete face value.
I suppose they could always go back to the facsimile thing Furman started. A couple of well planted fake humans could explain the alliance, depending on how well known Transformers are on Earth.

This reminds me about something that annoyed me when Furman's run ended: Devastation #6. During that, we had the presumably unknown-to-humans Decepticons having just defeated the Reapers with the US Air Force coming in. There was some potential in that set up.
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