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Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
The clearer pics definitely help. I'm liking the looks of it a lot more. Just waiting on color pics now, and maybe from some more angles.
I'm kind of wishing the eyes were bigger, more like the cartoon, but I can live with it. May also be that the 'brow' is obscuring them some.
I noticed that too, and wasn't sure if it was just the prototype's flat grey playing tricks on me or what. But the bottom-left pic shows his eyes more clearly, and the eyes look pretty small there...nothing like the big, square 80s-motorcycle-cop-sunglasses eyes that Cartoon Magnus usually has. Though...

Originally Posted by Unicron View Post
And is it me, or does that close-up on the head on the bottom left look like the back of the head, like it's reversible?
It looks to me like part of the front of the face has been removed in that pic, which suggests to me he's got different expressions like Starscream or maybe an alternate face like Bumblebee. Maybe a cartoon-accurate face that can swap out for a toy one?

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I'm totally fine with it not being a white Prime in a suit. To me that's not Magnus.
That's okay, you're entitled to your wrong opinion.

Just kidding, obviously. This is probably the right way to go if you want to make the best Ultra Magnus possible. I'm just sad because the rumours had suggested we'd be getting a good Ultra Magnus and a version of MP-10 in one package.
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