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Did not realise this was Griffith. Bravo on him for ploughing a new furrow - the action and movement was a big step up. He'll get the hang of lady's faces at some point I'm sure.

I'm pretty mixed on it - I like the basic set-up, how consciously different it is from Windblade, the cast choices and all of the character moments but the evocations of Brad Mick and Costa are not welcome.

I imagine that Barber is often cold at nights. He is always getting new jumpers but can't resist unravelling even the hint of a loose thread.

And man, way to overlabour the jokes. The screenplay intro gets demolished by Fairborne pointing out the funny parts and Cosmos just comes right out and says that he is lonely and bad at talking to people more than once.

This will certainly come up but it's weird for now - the population of the entire species is now low enough that anyone with a clipboard can easily do a headcount. How did they lose track of all those Decepticons?

Oh, and Alpha Trion's quest to hide from Shockwave for half a million years is dumb. That is a dumb idea. I find it dumb.

Everything else was fine though.
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