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I made a music purchase this week without even realising it, I've been working through the Bond audio books (that are avaliable), and am now up to Sebastian Faulk's mildly underwhelming "Writing as Ian Fleming whilst completely missing the point of how Ian Fleming wrote" effort Devil May Care.

Imagine my surprise when the last track turned out to be not a further explanation of the book's deeply stupid twins twist but an attempt at a Bond song.

Imagine being the band the day they got that news, "We want you to do a Bond song!

For the audiobook.

Not for the audiobook of a Fleming novel, one of the crap new ones. And not one of the Benson ones that were actually trying to be like films, for which it would be appropriate, but a very serious pro-faced one. Great hey?"

It's actually catchy, if unmemorable. It does sound like a song the band had laying about they quickly stuck a few shouts of "DEVIL MAY CARE!" into once the call came in though.

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