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And A3 knew what Shockwave was up to all along apparently. But thought vague nonsense was more helpful than just coming out with it. God knows what sort of cryptic crossword clue the Earth hologram is supposed to be.
I can't figure out whether this irritates me or not. On the one hand, it is consistent with Alpha Trion's bonkers and unhelpful characterisation and very neatly marries up Metroplex's role in dumb old Autocracy with his merely uninteresting Spotlight. On the other hand, god damn. Shockwave was keeping his head down and didn't really have much of a master plan at that point.

I suppose they could always go back to the facsimile thing Furman started. A couple of well planted fake humans could explain the alliance, depending on how well known Transformers are on Earth.
Facsimilies are a great idea plucked from solid science fiction but their presence does kind of negate the plausibility of the Decepticons needing train-people and car-people active on the ground in the first place.

Hehe - remember how IMPORTANT that dead general was, back in the day? Who even was that guy?

And ho ho - remember when Megatron used little Megatron guns to mind-control humans when he could mass-produce them in a vat?

Will Arcee the robot now finally meet Arcee Arthurs, the news reporter with a distractingly strange name?
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