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I keep meaning to check out Kraftwerk, so I shall look into those what you have mentioned...

I've been to a couple of gigs recently with my girlfriend whose into all that '80s metal stuff, you know, the big haired stuff that borders on pop music to see some bands and picked up two cds.

Dust Bowl Jokies - pleasant sounding Swedish bubblegum metal that's lost something in translation. saw these in er, Keighley the other week and got chatting to them afterwards. Lovely chaps. So I bought their album. Its a a jolly blast of Motley Crue, Def Leppard and The Backyard Babies - all that kind of stuff.

We also saw a band called Cheap Thrill at Wakefield's rather excellent alternative music venue Warehouse 23 whom comprise members of Cinderella and White Lion (the latter I dimly recall being one of those 'white metal' bands). They were actaully pretty great, but I was blown away by one of the support bands called Shock! Hazard ("the best thing to come out of Norfolk since Bernard Matthews") and picked up their 'Danger Of Rock' album which is great. Loud, fast shouty punk glam metal. Great live band too and well worth going to see.

A couple of other things bought to fill out some gaps in the music bank...

Stone Roses 'Stone Roses' (1989) - Ubiquitous debut album of "unrivvalled genius" as all and sundry will tell you. Actaully more telling about the state of british guitar pop in the late 1980s, which had fallen into this terrible stew of everyone sounding like The Smiths. No wonder these guys, The Las and T Wonderstuff made such an impact. Perfectly pleasant set of tunes, but to my ears the more raucous and entertaining likes of contemporaries the aforementioned Stuffies, Neds, Senseless Things, PWEI and Jesus Jones were doing far more lively and interesting with guitar music, although I do like the fusion of funk and Led Zep the Stones put together. Its the rather thin and reedy production that lets the album down.

Dexy's Midnight Runners - 'Searching For The Young Soul Rebels' (1978) superb album of rabble rousing folk punk that reminds me how bloody great Dexys were. Such a shame they're largely remembered for feckin' 'Come On Eileen'. Bah.
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