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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
MP Magnus up for preorder at omegalock. 125 pounds? Does it look too good to be true for you guys as well?
The guy has feedback from people I recognise as customers of other TF stores -- I've gone with him for the red FT Soar, and am waiting on a PE Warden and FT Scoria. In both cases it's delays with the production company AFAICT. Plus stock will be probably be coming on the big and cost-effective boat consignments that companies such as China Post use -- things I've ordered off eBay from that area usually come within a short time of each other after about a month, if they're already in-hand.

Having links with the countries this stuff is coming from really helps; I've seen a few comments on other forums where people have business contacts or friends who are getting items quite a bit below the prices of any UK importer. Not particularly worried.
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