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Default Upcoming Hasbro Masterpieces

I don't think we've actually got a thread to post about these in, do we? If I've missed it, feel free to point and laugh.

So, first up is Grimlock. Pics show that he's quite a bit different from the previous versions, with lighter plastic colours and a greenish tinge to the clear bits.

Second is Prowl, whose stock photos show something identical to the Takara release.

According to a poster over at, Grimlock is scheduled for release in the next month and Prowl should show up towards the end of the summer.

Grimlock is going to be retailing for $99.99 in Canada (so probably around $90 in the US), a big step up from what the original cost a few years ago but significantly less than what any of the previous releases are going for on the secondary market right now (and a whole lot cheaper than importing the recent Asia-exclusive release).

Prowl on the other hand is going to be selling for the princely sum of $69.99 here ($59.99 in the US according to earlier info), which is a tad ridiculous and is probably going to throw cold water on any future Hasbro releases of the cars -- who in their right mind will wait for a Hasbro release when they're identical to the Japanese ones, more expensive than buying directly from Asia and come out over a year later?

Sunstorm is apparently in the offing a bit later on as well, but there's been very little info about the release so far.
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