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You'd have thought they'd have learnt from when they put out Soundwave (who seemed to sell like hot cakes) and Acid Storm (who didn't) at the same that that jets no one has heard of just aren't worth doing.
You'd think, but I'm getting the impression that Hasbro has absolutely no solid vision for what they want to do with the MP molds. They just toss stuff out with a "sure, that sounds like a good idea!" they way they would a redecoed $15 Deluxe, and don't seem to realize that the market for "army builders" isn't really there at such a high price point (and that the few who do want display-fillers usually buy them from Takara).

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Considering they've been careful to make Grimlock slightly different from his previous release to appeal to that collector mentality I'm really surprised they haven't done something with Prowl, if not a full on toy deco then at least bunging in the toy missiles.
Is this the first time that a Hasbro MP release has been substantially identical to the Takara one? No others jump to mind right off the bat. Most of them have had new accessories and/or colours. This just seems like a really bad precedent, especially with the high price. I (and I'm sure many others) waited for the Hasbro release because we figured it'd be a bit cheaper than importing and maybe a bit different-looking, but if neither of those is true who is going to wait two years for Hasbro to release an identical, pricier Wheeljack or Bumblebee?

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Seemed to sell okay in the UK at 60, not a chance at a hundred.
I don't know about that. With Grimlock going for $200 or more second-hand these days, obviously there are some people willing to pay that much for the thing.
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