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Both MP Rodimus and the recent Hasbro MP Optimus sold through at their full RRP too. I don't recall Grimlock being marked down, although I do remember that after an initial short supply which sold out, TRU over-ordered on restocks and he was found clogging the shelves. Never saw a mark down on Grimlock in store around these parts.

Have to say, I'm disappointed that Prowl is likely to go for 60 if he shows up over here, what with our awesome $1 = 1 retail exchange rate. That's as much as I paid for Hasbro MP Grimlock!

I agree with Warcry that Hasbro just don't understand high end collector toys. Do they really think anyone has any interest in nobodies like Acid Storm and Sunstorm? You might get away with this at the Deluxe price point, less so at this scale.
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