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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
You'd think, but I'm getting the impression that Hasbro has absolutely no solid vision for what they want to do with the MP molds.
Mind, I've never understood the logic of Takara doing Acid Storm and Sunstorm in the first place either. There's no way that toy wasn't designed with possible cone head use in mind from the start, so the only real new expense of doing Ramjet/Dirge/Thrust would be the right wings for each one, and considering each would sell much, much, much better than background animation error guys it's hard to see how they managed to jump the queue (especially now Takara are retooling second uses of toys when they'd have gotten away with not doing so, G2 Sideswipe's head, Red Alert's faux wheels, all three Datsun to varying degrees).

As you say, these aren't army builder toys and I don't want to live in a world where Acid Storm is a more valid release than actual proper characters (well, by comparison) who were on the telly and everything.

[OK, thanks to the power of retcon, Acid Storm was on the telly as well. But he didn't chase Powerglide through a fun fair did he? No. That's why he can go sod himself.]
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