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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Mind, I've never understood the logic of Takara doing Acid Storm and Sunstorm in the first place either.
Takara, as best as I can tell, do them as lower-run "special editions" rather than full-scale releases. Still silly in my books, but not nearly as silly as making it a main-line figure. Especially when Hasbro's MP Starscream was seven years ago and used the old mold, their Skywarp was almost as long ago and Takara haven't done a Skywarp with the MP-11 figure either. Acid Storm as a full-on release just didn't make a lick of sense.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
There's no way that toy wasn't designed with possible cone head use in mind from the start, so the only real new expense of doing Ramjet/Dirge/Thrust would be the right wings for each one, and considering each would sell much, much, much better than background animation error guys it's hard to see how they managed to jump the queue (especially now Takara are retooling second uses of toys when they'd have gotten away with not doing so, G2 Sideswipe's head, Red Alert's faux wheels, all three Datsun to varying degrees).
I think the only possible answer is that they didn't plan ahead, because you're right. If the tooling was planned out at the start, there's way more money in Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge than there is in Acid Storm, Sunstorm or Generic Lavender Seeker Guy. So my guess is that they're trying to flog the current mold for all it's worth before putting any money into either Conehead retools or (and this would be my preference) an MP Seeker mold that prioritizes the character model over the alt-mode.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Was kind of rolling the Optimuses together, but the newer one selling out would be a success. Are we sure about Rodimus? There was a period they went low on eBay (lots damaged in sealed packaging) suggesting they'd had to be clearanced -- or maybe somehow employees were able to get hold of them rather than do returns. Paid twenty or thirty quid, personally. One arm on him's now strapped.
I suspect Rodimus sales were hampered by all the QC issues that the Takara one had, and compounded by the additional QC problems that cropped up right away in the Hasbro ones. He's definitely the only MP I've ever seen last on store shelves here for more than a day (though even then, he didn't last that long).
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