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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Takara, as best as I can tell, do them as lower-run "special editions" rather than full-scale releases. Still silly in my books, but not nearly as silly as making it a main-line figure. Especially when Hasbro's MP Starscream was seven years ago and used the old mold, their Skywarp was almost as long ago and Takara haven't done a Skywarp with the MP-11 figure either. Acid Storm as a full-on release just didn't make a lick of sense.

I didn't realise the Takara versions were limited edition that almost makes...

Well no, not really but hey. I can actually see the logic in Tigertrack as Diaclone as its fans (or at least more than the green pyramid jet does...) and at a time where it's not completely clear if Lamborghini would be up for doing another mould it at least gets something a bit Sunstreaker-ish out there.

What was especially daft about bringing Acid Storm to the UK is Skywarp- an actual proper character- shelf warmed like mad when it was an exclusive for Argos to the point they were chucking free ones at anyone who walked past the shop.
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