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I really want a nice charcoal suit like the one he wears in some of the later episodes (and by amazing coincidence Number 6 wears as his "Normal" clothes in The Prisoner.
Every episode is a lesson in style, manners, dress, smoking and drinking. I'm still disappointed when I go for a job interview and I'm not offered a scotch.
I think McGoohan's rather old fashioned morality really helps Danger Man in terms of it being a lot less dated in terms of sexism and racism compared to a lot of the other ITC shows around the same time (with the exception of Arabs- who tend to be Alf Garnett in a turban- non-white's are usually played by at least roughly the right ethnicity).
Yeah, Danger Man certainly manages its ethnic minority characters better than most, with a broad spread of heroes and villains and those in between, and most get their share of screen time and good lines. Alright, Burt Kwouk shows up a little too often, perhaps (for some - not for me!) but like you say, Drake is always on the side of the angels, even if his superiors aren't.

I wouldn't say his morality is entirely old-fashioned - his politics are pretty progressive for a British agent. The episode Whatever Happened to George Foster is one that springs to mind, where Drake helps prevent a business-backed, right-wing coup in a fictional Latin American state.

Of course, all this good work falls down entirely in the colour episodes. It's the whitest, most middle-aged martial-arts society I've ever seen. Which would be fine if the episode was set in, I dunno, 1960s Stoke.

The half hour episodes are a good watch as well, though any attempt by the show to not just seem like an overly long warm up for The Prisoner is undone by the first person seen in the first episode (in the production order on the DVD's) is Peter Swanswick.
I've still not seen the half-hour ones. He has the funny accent in them, doesn't he? Same one he uses in the first couple of 50-minute episodes. I find it very odd.

The amazing thing about Geoff Senior is he looks exactly like a Geoff Senior drawing (basically if he entered a cosplay competition as Dragon, he'd win it). You could break rocks on his jaw now, it must have been truly impressive when he was in his twenties.
Christ, in that case I hope I never meet Dan Reed. Or Manny Galan.

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